List Briefs: ClientLogic Debuts West Elm Internet Buyers at Postal Address

ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, announced the first-time availability of 22,000 Internet buyers at postal address from West Elm.

West Elm is a home furnishings catalog and Web site targeting young consumers. The file is 63 percent female with an average age range of 25-39, average income of $70,000+ and an average unit of sale of $200.

Selections include geography, recency, gender and dollar. The base price is $125/M. ClientLogic suggests this list for home furnishings offers as well as gift, general merchandise, publishing, credit, computer, music, video and other offers.

Edith Roman Starts BTB Database

Edith Roman Associates Inc., Pearl River, NY, launched the Roman Alliance Database, a business-to-business database including 50 million business executives and professionals.

The Roman Alliance Database contains names from 417 response lists including catalog, publishing, book buyer, seminar/conference attendee and association membership files. According to Edith Roman, it can reach 100 percent of U.S. business sites.

The database offers postal and e-mail addresses as well as telephone numbers. Other selections include job function, standard industry classification, employee size, sales volume, small office/home office, multi-buyers and executives' specified buying authority.

MeritDirect Serves Tennis Week

MeritDirect, White Plains, NY, was appointed list manager for the Tennis Week Master File of 25,400 active subscribers to this magazine.

The file contains tennis enthusiasts and is 51 percent male with a median age of 36, average income of $120,932 and average subscription price of $70. Geography and gender are selectable, and the base price is $100/M.

List Services Offers Gevalia Web Buyers at Postal Address

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, announced the availability of Internet buyers at postal address from Gevalia.

The Gevalia continuity club has 190,700 active paid Internet buyers at postal address. These continuity coffee buyers are 70 percent female with an average age of 40+, average income of $55,000 and an average sale of $65. Selections include geography, gender, recency and dollar. Base price is $150/M.

The Gevalia catalog Internet buyers at postal address file has 11,400 last-6-month buyers for a base price of $150/M.

Millard Introduces Catalog File

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, was named manager for the new-to-market After 5 catalog list of 10,300 last-12-month buyers.

After 5 catalog includes items for celebrating and entertaining such as tabletop, martini and wine accessories as well as professional cookware, barbecue accessories, cookbooks and festive clothing. Buyers are 58 percent female.

Selections include geography, recency, dollar and average purchase. The base price is $110/M. Millard suggests these buyers for offers related to cooking, food, wine, home dŽcor, accessories, apparel and others.

Walter Karl Relaunches Young Families List

Walter Karl, a Donnelley Marketing Co., Pearl River, NY, announced the relaunch of the FamilyAdvantage file of 246,700 expectant and new parents.

The file consists of registrants at who opted in to receive parenting and family-related information and offers. The file is 95 percent female with an average household income range of $45,000-$50,000.

The FamilyAdvantage file is selectable by recency, gender, geography, age, product, age of child and gender of child. The base price is $95/M.

Walter Karl suggests this list for maternity, infant and children's offers as well as health/fitness, family magazines, financial services, fundraising, home furnishings, insurance and educational products.

Direct Media Gets International Sweeps Entrants

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, announced the availability of 122,200 foreign responders to Time Magazine sweepstakes offers through its international list management division.

These direct mail responders opted in for a sweepstakes without subscribing to Time. The list is 72 percent male and is selectable by gender and country. Base price is $140/M.

The file includes 80,400 responders in France, 22,700 in the United Kingdom, 5,800 in South Africa and several thousand in countries such as Germany, Ireland, Greece and Sweden.

Names and Addresses Gains Cooking Club File

Names and Addresses Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL, won list management duties for the Cooking Club of America members/subscribers file of cooking enthusiasts.

The file consists of 467,200 active members/subscribers. Members get the club's monthly publication, Cooking Pleasures, as well as monthly cooking giveaways, opportunities to attend cooking schools and other perks.

The file is 88 percent female with a median age of 49, average household income of $61,000 and average unit of sale of $22. It is selectable by geography, recency, gender, source, renewals and change of address. The base price is $95/M.

Statlistics Debuts Subscriber List

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, announced the first-time availability of the Intermezzo magazine file of 7,100 active paid subscribers.

This food, entertaining and travel-related publication is published six times yearly and has an average subscription price of $19. Subscribers are selectable by geography, and the base price is $105/M.

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