List Briefs: Cahners Offers Business E-Mail Files

Cahners Business Lists, Des Plaines, IL, has made available for rental the DecisionMaker business e-mail files totaling more than 720,000 names.

The DecisionMaker E-List Master File contains more than 720,000 e-mail addresses of subscribers to various Cahners Business Information publications. The base price is $325 per thousand.

The DecisionMaker IT Marketplace Database E-List has more than 350,000 e-mail addresses of information technology professionals. The base price is $375/M.

The DecisionMaker Sales & Marketing Marketplace Database E-List contains more than 48,000 e-mail addresses of sales and marketing professionals. The base price is $335/M.

The DecisionMaker Small-Business Marketplace Database E-List has more than 270,000 e-mail addresses for small-business employees. The base price is $335/M.

Selections on the files include geography, recency, business type, number of employees, job function, Internet usage, operating system, sales volume, telephone number and title.

The files are updated daily.

ClientLogic Adds New Bookspan Selects

ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, has added three new interest select categories to the Bookspan Garden City files.

The new selects include cooking interest book buyers with more than 335,000 names; spirituality and self-awareness book buyers with more than 409,000 names; and health and fitness book buyers with more than 364,000 names.

Buyers on the files are members of one or more Bookspan continuity clubs such as Doubleday Book Club, Mystery Guild, Science Fiction Book Club and The Literary Guild.

Additional selections, including source segmentation and data enhancement, will be made available on the files in the fall, according to Bookspan.

Edith Roman Announces New-Mother List

Edith Roman Associates Inc., Pearl River, NY, has been appointed list manager for the New Mothers from iVillage Integrated Media file of more than 200,000 new and expectant mothers.

The file is compiled from self-reported information given when women register for childbirth classes.

Selects include geography, recency, birth/due date, other children's age/gender, pet owner, homeowner and telephone number.

In addition, Edith Roman's ePostDirect now manages the 40,000 opt-in e-mail addresses of New Mothers from iVillage Integrated Media.

L90 Increases Selectivity on Get Organized Catalog File

L90 Direct, formerly Novus List Management, has added product selects to the Get Organized catalog file of more than 329,000 buyers.

The file is 85 percent female with an average order of $85.

The new product selections include housewares with 103,000 names; kitchen, 93,000 names; video/electronics, 54,000 names; bath, 41,000 names; lawn/garden, 37,000 names; seasonal, 15,000 names; pets, 14,000 names; and collectibles, 14,000 names.

Other selects available are geography, gender, recency, dollar and credit card.

The base price on the file is $100 per thousand.

List Services Manages AutoWeek

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, has been named list manager for the AutoWeek file of more than 308,000 active subscribers.

AutoWeek subscribers are 99 percent male with a median age of 49 and an average annual household income of $112,900. The average net worth of subscribers is more than $1 million.

Selects on the file include geography, recency, expires, paid and source.

List Services recommends the list for subscription, catalog, entertainment, travel, business, electronic and computer-related offers.

The base price is $90 per thousand.

MetaResponse Adds Multichannel File

MetaResponse Group, Palm City, FL, has taken over management of the Things Remembered Master File and Corporate Gift Buyers — Things Remembered file.

Things Remembered is a brick-and-mortar, catalog and Internet retailer of personalized gift items.

The Things Remembered Master File has 6.1 million buyers, and the Corporate Gift Buyers file has 125,000 buyers.

Both files offer selects including geography, recency, gender and dollar amount.

The master file has a base price of $75 per thousand and is recommended for offers of credit cards, insurance, catalogs, books, magazines, household items, fashion and travel, among others.

The corporate file is $90/M and is recommended for a variety of business-to-business offers, including office equipment, corporate travel and computer equipment.

Millard Boosts Selectivity on Publishing Database

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, has added source and recency selects to the Time Inc. Group Enhanced files.

The 11 files that make up the Time Inc. Group Enhanced are Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, In Style, Money, Mutual Funds, People Weekly, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, Sunset, This Old House and Time. These titles represent more than 11.4 million subscribers.

The newly available recencies are three-month for an additional selection charge of $11 per thousand and six-month with an added select charge of $8/M.

For a charge of $8/M, source selects including direct-to-publisher, insert card, agent sold, Internet, direct mail sold and television are available.

NRL Offers Fake Fur File

NRL Direct, Cresskill, NJ, has added the Fabulous Furs file of more than 62,000 imitation fur buyers to its management roster.

The file is 76 percent female with an average age of 52 and an average annual income of $75,000. The average order on the file is $112.

Selects include geography, recency, gender and dollar amount.

The base price on the file is $105 per thousand.

NRL recommends the file for apparel, home furnishings, gifts, children's merchandise, food and wine offers as well as social and environmental fundraisers.

Response Media Debuts Newsletter List

Response Media Products, Atlanta, has been appointed list manager for the StraightTonic E-Mail Newsletter Postal Address Master File and Opt-In E-Mail File.

The StraightTonic Newsletters are Bargain Hunter, which targets Internet shoppers; and Entrepreneur's Toolbox, which targets small-business owners.

The StraightTonic file contains more than 388,000 active subscribers with e-mail address and more than 156,000 active subscribers at postal address.

The file is 57 percent male, and 87 percent of the subscribers have made an online purchase in the last 12 months.

Selections include age, gender, income, occupation and interests.

Rubin Response Introduces Conference Attendee File

Rubin Response Management Services Inc., Schaumburg, IL, has taken over management of the more than 25,000 conference attendees and inquirers on the Wilshire Conferences Master File.

Wilshire Conferences is a provider of information technology and data management conferences on topics such as business intelligence, customer relationship management, content management, data administration, data modeling, e-business, enterprise architecture and XML.

Attendees include professionals from Fortune 1,000 firms and government agencies.

The base price on the file is $195 per thousand.

Statlistics Bolsters Publishing File Roster

Statlistics Inc., Danbury, CT, will add 16 new publishing files totaling more than 4 million names to its list management roster Aug. 1.

The bulk of the files are from Hanley-Wood Publications, including Aquatics International Magazine, Baker Pool Owners Database, Builder Magazine, Building Products, Concrete Construction, Custom Home, Hanley-Wood Master File, Masonry Construction, ProSales, Pool & Spa News Magazine, Remodeling Magazine, Residential Architect, The Concrete Producer and Tools of the Trade.

The files offer selects such as geography, job title, product and business category.

In addition, Statlistics gained the Veranda magazine and Chicago Home & Garden magazine lists.

Veranda has 194,000 active subscribers who are 90 percent female with an average age of 49 and an average annual household income of $213,000.

Chicago Home & Garden has more than 45,000 active subscribers. Its subscribers are 94 percent female with an average age of 51 and an average annual household income of $276,000.

Selects on both files include geography and gender.

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