List Briefs: AllMedia Gets Beckett Subscriber Files

AllMedia Inc., Dallas, was awarded management of the Beckett Football Card Monthly and Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector active subscriber files.

Beckett Football Card Monthly has more than 25,000 subscribers who receive this price guide to football collectibles. The file is mostly men with an average income of $30,000 and an age range of 25 to 54. The base price is $100 per thousand.

Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector has more than 10,000 subscribers who collect Dragon Ball Z merchandise. The file is mostly male, with an age range of 10 to 16. The base price is $85/M.

Selections on both files include geography, gender and recency.

ALC-NY Gains Scholarship, Financial Lists

ALC of New York LLC was named list manager for the file of more than 1 million registered users and the Sunrise Financial Services file of 720,000 bankruptcy filers.

The file contains postal addresses for students and parents who have registered at its Web site. About 60,000 new users register monthly. The file is 50 percent female and updates quarterly. Selects include geography, gender and self-reported academic and lifestyle information. The base price is $75 per thousand.

The Sunrise Financial Services file contains postal addresses for individuals who have just filed or just been discharged from Chapter 7 bankruptcies. Monthly hotlines have about 60,000 names. Selects include geography, file date, discharge date and monthly hotline. The file updates daily, and the base price is $140/M.

ClientLogic Debuts Explore! File

ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, was selected to launch the Explore! Magazine file of 36,000 active subscribers.

Explore! is an educational publication targeting children ages 9 to 14. The parents subscribing to the magazine for their children have average household incomes of $65,000, 90 percent attended college, and 60 percent own homes. The base price is $110 per thousand.

George-Mann Offers Credit Prospects

George-Mann Associates Inc., Freehold, NJ, obtained the Steady Income — No Credit file of more than 465,000 names.

The people on the file are mail-order multibuyers currently without credit. They have average household incomes of $50,000, and 85 percent own homes. Selections include gender, marital status, telephone number, age, homeowner, home value, children's ages and geography. The base price is $85 per thousand.

Lake Brings Financial, E-Mail Files to Market

The Lake Group, Rye, NY, was named list manager for the Financial Advisor file of 60,000 qualified subscribers and the Dow Jones Indexes file of 20,000 qualified subscribers.

Both files reach financial professionals and are selectable by primary business activity. They are recommended for offers of subscriptions, computer products, seminars, high-ticket merchandise, executive apparel, travel and fundraising.

The Lake Group's online division, [email protected] interactive, also gained two new files.

Earthweb is a list of more than 313,000 active subscribers at postal address and more than 204,000 opt-in e-mail addresses. Earthweb is an online provider of career development resources for information technology professionals. has more than 75,000 opt-in e-mail addresses of site visitors, Acrobat Reader downloaders, registrants for the Web Guide, subscribers to the newsletter and list and discussion group joiners.

List Services Adds Selects to Mary Maxim

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, has added demographic, lifestyle and new-mover selects to the Mary Maxim catalog buyer file of 268,000 crafters.

Mary Maxim buyers are 98 percent female with an average age of 40 and an average household income of $46,000 to $50,999. The new selections include 49,000 quarterly new movers as well as income, presence of children, religion, computer owner and pet owner.

MeritDirect Announces Subscribers

MeritDirect, Stamford, CT, last month announced its management of the opt-in e-mail files.

The U.S. file has 2.5 million names, and the Canadian file has 75,000 names. The files are 94 percent male with age ranges of 18 to 49. Average household income is $54,000.

Age, gender and geography are selectable on both files, but the U.S. file also offers sports interest and college student selects.

Both files are $250 per thousand.

Mokrynski Takes Over Proflowers

Mokrynski & Associates Inc., Hackensack, NJ, has taken over management of the Proflowers Internet buyer file at postal address.

The file has more than 329,000 last-12-month buyers and more than 155,000 last-6-month buyers. The average order on the file is $48. Mokrynski recommends this list for offers of gifts, collectibles, gardening, housewares and general merchandise.

Other List Co. Enhances Support Plus

The Other List Co. Inc., Matawan, NJ, debuted the newly Z-24-enhanced Support Plus file of more than 235,000 last-24-month buyers.

These catalog buyers of support hosiery, comfort shoes and other health-related items are 79 percent female and mostly older than 50. Through enhancements, mailers can select product affinity from categories such as healthcare, shoes, gardening, women's apparel, food and jewelry.

Response Media Snares Tech File

Response Media Products Inc., Atlanta, has gained the Xdrive Technologies Postal Address Masterfile of 4.4 million active members.

Xdrive offers file hosting and management services to Internet users, allowing them to use its Web space to store files.

The majority of users are ages 25 to 49 with above-average incomes. The file is enhanced with demographic and lifestyle selects.

Statlistics Manages

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, last month assumed management of the files of more than 106,000 registered users at postal address and more than 7,600 opt-in e-mail addresses.

The file consists of registered members of hi-tech, business-to-business and IT-related Web sites. Both files are selectable by areas of interest such as application service providers, computer security, data warehousing, IT services, networking, systems management, Web hosting and wireless.

Base prices are $150 per thousand for postal names and $350/M for e-mail names.

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