List Briefs: ALC Launches Business Databases

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, has become manager of the new ExecuTech Database of Creative Computers' 542,000 24-month business buyers and the 523,000 New Biz TechExecs file of small office/home office buyers.

Both files are composed of technology buyers and are 100 percent direct-mail-generated. ExecuTech is 74 percent male, and New Biz TechExecs is 52 percent male.

The ExecuTech file is selectable by type of business as well as by platform, dollar amount, recency, geography, gender and credit card. There are 30 industry types available, including financial institutions, consulting firms, manufacturing companies, wholesalers, distributors, schools and libraries.

New Biz TechExecs offers selections of gender, geography, recency, title and telephone number.

Updates are done quarterly on the ExecuTech Database. The next update for New Biz TechExecs is scheduled for November.

ALC, Wired Give Fundraiser Discount

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, is reducing Wired Magazine's $190 per thousand base rate to $75/M for fundraising mailers.

Wired Magazine has more than 323,000 active subscribers with an average household worth of $621,000. Of these readers, 74 percent graduated from college, 47 percent went to graduate school and 62 percent have visited a museum in the past six months.

Mailers using the file include the American Civil Liberties Union, American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity and Lincoln Center.

The full base rate applies to nonfundraising offers.

Cahners Announces New Consumer Files

Cahners Business Lists, Des Plaines, IL, recently launched seven new consumer database files.

The files are Charitable Contributors Database, with more than 1 million names; High Tech Professionals Database, 203,000 names; Mail Order Buyer Database, 1.6 million names; Senior Level Executives Database, 398,000 names; Wealthy Executives Database, 192,000 names; Executives with Children Database, 543,000 names; and Young Professionals Database, 459,000 names.

The databases are made up of controlled-circulation files from Cahners Business Lists, Reed Elsevier Directories, Springhouse Publications and Reed Exhibitions' Trade Shows.

Cahners has added these files to its numerous business-to-business lists.

Dunhill Handles Contact Lens Wearer List

Dunhill International List Co. Inc., Boca Raton, FL, has released a new database of 3.5 million contact lens wearers and 10 million wearers of eyeglasses.

Lens types, including hard, gas-permeable, tinted and disposable, are selectable on the file, as well as interest in laser surgery. Additional selections are geography, age, estimated income, homeowner, occupation, presence of children and telephone number.

The base price for one-time use is $120 per thousand. It is $240/M for one year of unlimited usage. Selects vary in price.

The database is updated monthly.

Information Refinery Builds Architect Files

The Information Refinery, Mahwah, NJ, recently released two files of architects. The Architects Design List has more than 71,000 licensed architects at business address. The Architects at E-Mail Address file has 3,400 e-mail addresses for licensed architects at work.

Selections on The Architects Design List are gender, telephone number and geography. Only geography is selectable on Architects at E-Mail Address.

The Information Refinery recommends these files for offers of financial services, construction and design-related products, business services, computers and office equipment, among others.

Leon Henry Adds to PC, MacMall Programs

Leon Henry Inc., Scarsdale, NY, recently added to the selections in the PC Mall and MacMall catalogs.

Blow-in and bind-in cards can be inserted into the PC Mall catalog, which is geared toward both businesses and consumers.

Prices for inserting 14.4 million cards per year are $35 per thousand for blow-in, $45/M for bind-in and $50/M for center bind-in.

PC Mall and MacMall both have package insert programs. Inserts are $65 per thousand for 660,000 over a one-year period.

Both programs are ideal for credit card, book club, home office, hi-tech, financial, business and computer-related offers.

MetaResponse Markets New Lists

MetaResponse Group, Palm City, FL, recently brought three new lists to market for rental.

Interline Adventures' subscriber file is made up of 183,000 active and retired airline industry employees and their families who fly for free or reduced fares. They have an average age of 47, an average income of $65,000 and spend an average of $2,000 per vacation, excluding airfare.

Occupation, air status and telephone number are selectable on the file. Subscribers are at postal address.

The E-mail Sponsorship list features 30,000 e-mail addresses of people who have requested a weekly e-mail newsletter of nationwide news stories.

Usage suggestions include business-to-business offers, magazine subscriptions, newsletters, seminars, finance offers, and computer products and services.

The e-mail list of more than 1 million online members consists of people who have signed up for weekly e-mail notification of free offers on the Web.

Selects on the file are gender, geography, age range and interest area.

MetaResponse recommends this file for credit card, clothing, travel, leisure and insurance offers, as well as books, magazines, contests and sweepstakes, among others.

Millard Debuts Senior Health Book Buyers

Millard Group, Peterborough, NH, recently debuted the Rodale Inc. Senior Health Book Buyers file of 127,000 active buyers.

Buyers on this file have purchased books aimed at the age 50-plus market from Rodale. Titles focus on health issues facing people of advancing age.

Mailers also can select 12-month multibuyers or six-month book buyers.

In addition to age-related offers, the file is recommended for children's offers, catalogs, investments, travel and leisure offers.

MSGi Takes Over Football News

MSGi Direct, previously known as Stevens-Knox, New York, recently transferred 31,000 Football News subscribers to its list management department.

Football News is published weekly during football season and covers professional and collegiate team ratings, statistics, schedules, results and predictions.

These mostly male subscribers range in age from 25 to 49, with an average household income of $52,000. Eighty-seven percent are college-educated, 84 percent own homes, 97 percent have major credit cards and 77 percent own two or more automobiles.

There are 69,000 current expires also available for list rental.

SpeciaLISTS Changes Name to ClientLogic

The SpeciaLISTS Ltd., Weehawken, NJ, has officially changed its name to ClientLogic, SpeciaLISTS Marketing Services.

ClientLogic, headquartered in Nashville, TN, became the parent company of The SpeciaLISTS about a year and a half ago.

Statlistics Extends Institutional Investor Files

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, recently brought two new files to the market from Institutional Investor magazine. Both are extended databases from the magazine's subscriber file.

Asset Backed Securities Companies from Institutional Investor is composed of 10,900 business executives, and Commercial Banks from Institutional Investor has 15,400 business executives.

Subscribers are involved in purchasing products and services for their companies.

Both files have a predominantly male readership with an average age of 44 and an average household income of $217,000. Subscribers' average net worth is more than $1.9 million.

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