List Briefs: ALC Adds Online Order Status

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, has added order receipt and delivery status information to its Web sites. This change lets list brokers check the progress of orders at and

Brokers can type in order numbers at either site to view an online order status page for each order at any time of day. Other details on the page are the ALC order number and the name, direct telephone number and e-mail address of the appropriate ALC list manager.

ClientLogic Gets Investor File

ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, was awarded list management of the IQ Investor Postal Master File of 1.3 million active investors. The file consists of registrants at IQ Investor's network of finance-related Web sites. It is 100 percent opt in.

The file is 63 percent male with an average household income of $115,000 and an average portfolio size of $325,000-plus. Selects include geography, gender, age, income, hotline and investment type. Base price is $150/M.

ClientLogic suggests this file for financial offers as well as electronics, automotive, travel, insurance and general online offers.

Direct Media Gains Charity List

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, took list management of the Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity donor file of 77,700 last-12-month charitable givers. Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity cares for troubled teens as well as physically and mentally disabled children.

This fundraising file is 85 percent female with an average donation of $12.72. Selections such as geography, recency and dollar are available. These donors are responsive to Catholic, social welfare and devotional appeals, Direct Media said.

MeritDirect Takes Tech File

MeritDirect, White Plains, NY, was named list manager of the new-to-market IT Wireless postal and e-mail files from EmergeMedia totaling 20,000 active subscribers. IT Wireless, published by EmergeMedia, covers wireless technology.

The IT Wireless Postal List has 12,000 subscribers and a base price of $140/M. The IT Wireless Opt-In E-Mail List has 8,000 subscribers and a base price of $350/M.

More than 60 percent of the subscribers create the wireless IT strategies for their companies, and more than 80 percent plan to make wireless-related purchases within two years.

MetaResponse Offers Investor Lists

MetaResponse Group, Deerfield Beach, FL, was appointed list manager for the Ron Price family of lists totaling 106,800 names.

The Ron Price Investor Masterfile has 53,400 direct mail buyers of financial newsletters, books, courses and services on finance and investing. The base price is $200/M.

The Ron Price Options Traders file has 41,300 direct mail buyers of courses or information on options trading. Base price is $175.

The Ron Price Sophisticated Investors file has 12,100 direct mail buyers of financial newsletters, books, courses and services on finance and investing. Base price is $225/M.

Selections on these files include geography, hotline and address type. MetaResponse suggests the lists for financial, investment, entrepreneurial, book, magazine, computer, catalog and Internet offers.

Millard Relaunches Rodale Young Families

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, relaunched the Rodale Young Families Master File with new selections. The master file has 2.7 million last-12-month young families.

The file is now selectable by specific interest. New selects include these categories and 12-month counts: parents' or children's interest with 729,700 names; grandchildren's interest, 1 million names; family travel interest with 454,500 names and children's video interest with 156,900 names.

Regular selects are also available such as geography, recency, age, gender, ethnicity, income, age of child, gender of child, source and paid. The file is 67 percent female with a median age of 54 and median household income of $60,000. The base price is $95/M.

Rubin Response Takes Telecom Files

Rubin Response Management Services Inc., Schaumburg, IL, announced its management of the postal and e-mail files from two telecommunications-related list owners.

The Boardwatch magazine file contains 51,800 postal and 13,650 opt-in e-mail subscribers to this telecom publication and Web site. The postal names have a base price of $225/M, and the e-mail names are $400/M.

The Light Reading file has 39,300 postal and 8,900 opt-in e-mail names of registrants on this Web site for the telecom industry. Postal names have a base price of $225/M, and e-mail names are $400/M.

Selections on the postal files include geography, job function and primary business.

Statlistics Wins Gaming List

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, debuted the IGN Insider file of 67,300 active subscribers to this video gaming resource site.

The IGN Insider file is 90 percent male with an age range of 18-40. Subscribers pay $24.95 annually to access the site and are 100 percent Internet-sourced. Selects include geography, gender, age range, recency, credit card and 90-day trial cancellations. Base price is $115/M.

Walter Karl Obtains Gadget Buyers File

Walter Karl, a Donnelley Company, Pearl River, NY, took management of the Gadget Alert Catalog Buyers file of 260,000 last-12-month direct mail shoppers of various gizmos.

The file is 65 percent male with an average age of 40-plus and an average household income of $70,000. The average unit of sale is $115. The list is selectable by geography, recency, dollar, gender and multi-buyers. Base price is $120/M.

Walter Karl suggests this file for offers such as electronics, auto accessories, communication devices, health/fitness gear, toys, collectibles, home improvement, tools, travel supplies, gifts and office items.

Worldata Debuts Business List

Worldata, Boca Raton, FL, introduced the new-to-market Business Enterprise Masterfile with 110,000 matching postal and e-mail names.

The file contains senior-level professionals in industries such as healthcare, fashion/apparel, human resources, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, sales/marketing, banking/financial services and publishing. They are responsible for business intelligence at their firms, Worldata said.

The base price is $150/M for the postal names and $250/M for e-mail names. Worldata suggests the file for business-to-business, hardware/software, training/certification, networking, communications, financial, office supplies, magazines, books, newsletters, conferences and other offers.

Adrea Rubin Offers Birth Date Data

Adrea Rubin Management Inc., New York, has made available the Happy Birthday America Mail Order Buyers file of 21.4 million individuals by birth date.

This multi-sourced, compiled file is 55 percent female and has a base price of $70/M.

Selects include geography, gender, age, income, homeowners, credit cardholders, presence of children, marital status and ethnicity. These mail-order buyers are also selectable by categories of purchases such as apparel, books/music, electronics, entertainment, health/fitness, home/kitchen, magazines, outdoor/garden, personal computing and pet products.

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