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List Briefs: Adrea Rubin Offers Enhanced Maternity Database

Adrea Rubin Management, New York, announced the availability of the Mothers Work Enhanced Megafile containing 2.2 million last-24-month retail buyers of maternity wear.

The database consists of retail point-of-purchase data from A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity and Mimi Maternity.

Aside from geography, the file is also selectable by enhancements such as due date, first born, prenatal, homeowner/renter, mail-order buyer, dwelling type, age, income, age/gender of children, bank/retail credit card and ethnicity.

Base price on the database is $120/M. Adrea Rubin suggests it for offers such as catalogs, services, high-end collectibles, clothing and book/music clubs.

Walter Karl Adds Segments to Database

Walter Karl Inc., a Donnelley Marketing Co., Pearl River, NY, introduced four product segments to its DQI3 Consumer Database of 200 million individuals.

The book and music club members segment has 2 million members of continuity clubs; the Internet-savvy consumers select has 1.8 million online consumers; the infomercial product buyers segment consists of 1.9 million buyers and the sportswear apparel buyers select has 2.1 million.

The segments also are selectable by age, income, homeowner, marital status, presence of children, mail-order buyers, donors, telephone numbers and other categories. The database combines self-reported and behavioral data.

Walter Karl suggests the new segments for offers such as publishing, continuity clubs, computer products, general merchandise, sports gear and apparel.

LSC Devises Ethnic, Religious Database

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, created the LSC Faith & Culture Superfile, a database of 18.5 million mail-order buyers by ethnicity and religion.

Ethnicities selectable include Hispanic, African-American, Irish, Scottish, Northern European, Southern European, Italian, French, Asian and Polynesian. Language preferences such as English, Spanish and Chinese also are available.

Religious selects include Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Islamic, Greek Orthodox and Hindu.

The file contains data from 400 lists managed by LSC. It is 50 percent female and offers selections including recency, geography, gender, age, household income, presence of children, child's age and telephone numbers. The base price is $95/M.

Edith Roman Grabs Tech Publishing List

Edith Roman Associates, Pearl River, NY, won management of the Enterprise Networks & Servers magazine list of 142,400 subscribers at postal address and 13,900 at opt-in e-mail address.

Enterprise Networks & Servers, published by PCI, is a monthly controlled-circulation publication targeting information systems professionals.

The file is selectable by geography, job function, business address, industry, operating system and employee size. The postal names have a base price of $190/M, and the e-mail names are $395/M.

RMI Direct Snares Magazine File

RMI Direct Marketing, Danbury, CT, was appointed manager for the Kitplanes magazine list of 35,600 active subscribers. Kitplanes, published by Belvoir, is a monthly publication for model plane enthusiasts.

The file is 83 percent male with an average age of 51 and average household income of $68,735. These subscribers are 100 percent direct mail sold.

Selects include geography, recency, gender, expires and paid. Base price on this list is $100/M.

Millard Debuts Car Enthusiasts File

Millard Group, Peterborough, NH, debuted the new-to-market Hemmings Muscle Machines file of 50,000 active subscribers through its list management division.

Subscribers to this magazine for automotive enthusiasts are mainly male. Base price is $90/M, and the file is selectable by geography and business address.

Millard suggests this list for automotive, do-it-yourself, tools, health, fitness and entertainment offers.

MeritDirect Gets Traveler List

MeritDirect, White Plains, NY, announced the first-time availability of the StuffBak file of 67,600 active subscribers.

The file consists of professionals and business travelers who registered portable items such as cell phones, laptop computers, PDAs and cameras with this tracking service for lost items. Each item is tagged with a unique number and registered with the system for this lost-and-found service. StuffBak's products are in distribution with retailers such as CompUSA and Office Depot and are bundled with a variety of manufacturers' products.

The file is 62 percent male and has a base price of $100/M. It is selectable by product type and geography with 99 percent of the file at home address.

MeritDirect suggests this file for personal electronics, credit card, security and computer products among others.

MKTG Services Gets Enhanced Ticket Buyers List

MKTG Services, Newtown, PA, announced the availability of the Nederlander Organization Enhanced Database of 355,000 last-12-month ticket buyers.

The file consists of ticket buyers to Nederlander shows such as concerts and theater presentations including “Aida,” “Hairspray,” “Movin' Out” and “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

The list has been overlaid with demographic enhancements and lifestyle selects such as multi-buyer, show type, age, credit card type, homeowner, marital status, education, ethnicity, charitable contributor and presence of children. It is also selectable by recency, geography and gender.

The base price for this database is $90/M. MKTG Services suggests it for upscale offers such as travel, designer apparel, food/wine, credit cards, electronics, gifts and investments.

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