List Briefs: Adrea Rubin Offers Catholic Segments

Adrea Rubin Management Inc. introduced two Catholic list segments from Avrick Direct Inc.

Apollo Catholic New Credit Card Issues has more than 371,100 one-month hotline names, and Movin' and Spendin' Catholic New Movers has more than 532,600 one-month names. The files have a 50/50 male/female split.

Selects on the credit card file include geography, gender, age, number of credit cards and first-time credit cardholders. The base price is $90/M.

Selects on the new mover file include geography, gender, age, number of credit cards, previous move date, ethnicity and head of household. The base price is $75/M.

Adrea Rubin, New York, recommends these files for fundraising and nonprofit appeals as well as subscriptions, goods and services offers.

Direct Media Opens Gift List

Direct Media Inc. debuted the My Personalized Gifts list of more than 44,900 last-10-month buyers. They purchased personalized products such as pens, pocket calendars, desk accessories and jewelry via direct mail.

The file is 35 percent male with an average order of $15. Selects include geography, gender and recency. The base price is $85/M.

Direct Media, Greenwich, CT, expects the file to reach 200,000 names by December and more than 1 million by the end of 2003. The file is recommended for gift, general merchandise, subscription, credit card and fundraising offers.

Edith Roman Adds Epicurean File

Edith Roman Associates Inc. assumed management of the SeaBear Smokehouse catalog file of 13,500 last-12-month buyers. These catalog buyers purchased smoked salmon and other regional food items from the Pacific Northwest.

The file is 52 percent female with an age range of 30-50 and an average household income of more than $75,000. The average order on the file is $104. Geography, recency, gender and dollar are selectable. The base price is $95.

Edith Roman, Pearl River, NY, recommends this list for epicurean, upscale gift, home decor, jewelry, travel, fashion, electronics and gardening offers.

Lake Group Brings New Law File to Market

Lake Group Media Inc., Rye, NY, debuted the Law Seminars International file of more than 232,300 seminar attendees.

The legal professionals on the file attended one or more of these specialized seminars. The file is 67 percent male. The base price is $105/M. Selections include geography, recency, gender and practice type.

List Services Gets Golf List

List Services Corp., Bethel, CT, gained management of the Golfweek file of more than 86,800 active subscribers. The file also includes more than 46,500 expires and 700,000 e-mail newsletter subscribers.

Golfweek subscribers are 94 percent male with an average age of 53 and an average household income of $154,000. They paid an average of $79.95 for 49 issues of the weekly publication.

The file is selectable by geography, active subscribers, expires and e-mail newsletter subscribers. The base prices are $105/M for active subscribers, $85/M for expires and $200/M for e-mail newsletter subscribers. The file is recommended for upscale offers including golf products, travel and luxury goods.

Mal Dunn Announces New Hispanic File

Mal Dunn Associates Inc., Brewster, NY, has debuted the MarketShare Hispanics file of more than 2.8 million Hispanic buyers, subscribers and donors.

The file is compiled from more than 275 direct mail sources and has a base price of $80/M. Selects include geography, gender, recency, age, multi-buyers, catalog buyers, subscribers, donors, income, age of children, credit card buyers, homeowners, marital status, telephone numbers and lifestyle selects.

Good customer matches, regression models and customer reactivation are available through MarketShare as well.

MeritDirect Manages Myron

MeritDirect, Stamford, CT, took over management of the Myron Manufacturing file of more than 83,800 buyers from the first two quarters of 2002.

These buyers purchased pocket diaries, desk diaries, pens, presentation binders and portfolios among other items from Myron. The file is 52 percent male, and the base price is $105/M. Selects include geography, gender, recency, standard industry classification and employee size.

Name-Finders Offers E-Mail File

Name-Finders Lists Inc. announced its management of the FindLaw list of more than 157,900 opt-in e-mail addresses.

FindLaw is a legal Web site used by more than 2.5 million people monthly. More than 54 percent visit the site for business purposes, according to Name-Finders.

The people on the file signed up for FindLaw's e-mail service The file is 54 percent female with an average age of 39 and an average income of $61,000. The base price is $250/M.

Name-Finders, San Francisco, recommends the list for legal, computer, seminar, financial, automotive, gourmet food, golf, high-ticket gift, credit card and small-business offers.

Rubin Response Debuts Hearing Aid Lists

Rubin Response Management Services Inc., Schaumburg, IL, launched the Hearing Help Express files of hearing aid buyers and inquirers and hearing aid battery buyers.

Hearing Help Express has more than 186,100 last-12-month hearing aid buyers and inquirers as well as 170,400 hearing aid battery buyers.

The files are 60 percent male with average orders of $300 on the hearing aid buyers file and $27 on the battery buyers file. Geography, recency and gender are selectable.

Walter Karl Reintroduces Goodman Files

Walter Karl, a Donnelley company, Pearl River, NY, announced that the Goodman Media Group files are back on the market through its list management division.

The files include 76,000 last-12-month attendees to the Log Home & Timber Frame Expo, hosted 8-12 times per year by Goodman Media; 15,000 active subscribers to Log Homes Illustrated and 7,000 subscribers to Timber Homes Illustrated.

Selects on the expo file include geography, gender and recency. The base price is $80/M. Selects on the publication files include geography, gender, recency, paid and renewals. The base prices are $100/M.

Recommended use includes offers of home furnishings, high-end gifts, apparel, accessories, gourmet food, cooking accessories, gardening, health, travel, insurance, publishing and fundraising.

TMA Launches Business List

TMA List Management, Fairfax, VA, debuted the National Federation of Independent Business file of 1.5 million executives at 1.4 million small businesses across the United States

The federation provides small business professionals with information and resources to help their businesses grow. The names on the file are individuals who have expressed interest in or are involved in the federation’s small business growth program.

Selects on the file include geography, gender, telephone numbers, sales volume, title, employee size and standard industry classification.

The base price is $95/M.

TMA recommends this file for offers including office supplies, financial services, credit cards, shipping services, seminars, publications and catalogs.

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