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List Briefs: Adrea Rubin Gets Check-Buyer Megafile

Adrea Rubin Management Inc., New York, was named list manager for the Custom Direct Megafile of more than 3.8 million last-12-month check buyers.

The file is 60 percent female with an average household income of $50,000. They bought checks from Artistic Checks, The Check Gallery, Image Checks or Styles Super Checks.

Selects include geography, gender, recency, multi-buyer and check theme. The base price is $55 per thousand.

Direct Media Gains NonProfit Times Lists

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, took over management of the NonProfit Times Subscriber Masterfile as well as two new lists from the trade publisher.

The subscriber master file consists of 41,600 names of subscribers to the trade publication for nonprofit management. The new files are the NonProfit Times Executive Database with 131,400 names of nonprofit executives and leadership and the NonProfit Times E-Mail file with 12,000 e-mail addresses of subscribers.

Selects on the files include geography, budget, business activity, job function and method of fundraising. The base price for the master file is $135/M. The executive database is $100/M, and the e-mail names are $230/M.

Edith Roman Manages Musician's Catalog Files

Edith Roman Associates Inc., Pearl River, NY, announced its management of the Musician's Friend Catalog Buyers file of more than 500,000 last-12-month buyers and more than 240,000 last-12-month Internet buyers at postal address.

Buyers from the Musician's Friend catalog and Web site purchase guitars, keyboards, drums, accessories and recording gear.

The catalog file is 68 percent male with an average age of 30 and an average household income of more than $75,000. The average order is $275. The demographics are the same on the Internet buyers except that the file is 85 percent male.

Geography, gender, recency, dollar, age and income are selectable in both files. The base price is $90/M on the catalog file and $130/M on the Internet file.

Lake Group Offers ZooBooks List

Lake Group Media Inc., Rye, NY, was appointed list manager for the Zoobooks magazine file of 265,400 active subscribers to the monthly publication.

Zoobooks is published by Wildlife Education LTD and features pictures, articles and activities about a different animal in each issue. Subscribers are primarily parents of children ages 5 to 12. They have an age range of 25 to 44 and an average income of more than $50,000.

The file is selectable by geography, recency, source, paid, age of child and gender of child. The base price is $85/M.

Mal Dunn Takes Over Office Manager File

Mal Dunn Associates Inc., Rockville, MD, announced its appointment as list manager for the Office Managers America Alliance list of 237,600 office managers in the organization. The alliance helps small to medium-sized U.S. businesses with tasks such as purchasing, business information management and networking.

Selects include geography, gender, job function, title, company sales, sales volume, telephone number and fax number. The base price is $95/M.

Mal Dunn, which is headquartered in Brewster, NY, recommends this file for business-to-business offers such as office supplies, financial products, credit cards, seminars, technology products, travel programs and investment products.

Millard Adds Men's Apparel Catalog List

Millard Group, Peterborough, NH, assumed management of the Paul Fredrick MenStyle catalog file of more than 70,000 last-12-month buyers.

The file is 77 percent male with an age range of 35 to 60 and an average household income of $160,000. The average order is $120. Selects include geography, recency, gender, dollar, credit card buyer and multi-buyer.

The base price is $115/M. Millard recommends this list for upscale offers in men's apparel, gifts, home furnishings, high tech, jewelry, epicurean, golf, tennis, fundraising and publishing.

Rubin Response Offers Educational Technology Database

Rubin Response Management Services Inc., Schaumburg, IL, announced its management of the Education Technology Database from CMP Media LLC.

The file consists of 141,700 U.S. subscribers to CMP publications such as Information Week, InternetWeek, Network Computing and Technology & Learning as well as attendees of SchoolTech Expo.

Geography, job function, number of employees and operating system used are selectable. The base price is $150/M.

Statlistics Gets Custom Home E-Mail Addresses

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, debuted the Custom Home E-Mail file of 23,900 opt-in e-mail addresses of subscribers to the bimonthly home building publication from Hanley-Wood.

Subscribers include builders, architects, engineers and designers. Selections include geography, primary business, annual sales and job title. The base price is $280/M with an additional $120/M for e-mail deployment.

Worldata Launches Female Sports Buyers

Worldata/WebConnect, Boca Raton, FL, announced the launch of the MVP.com Female Buyers List with 271,000 postal addresses and 273,000 e-mail addresses.

The file consists of women who shop for sporting apparel, equipment and accessories online at MVP.com, the official store of CBS.SportsLine.com.

The average order on the file is $75. The base price is $100/M for postal names and $200/M for e-mail names.

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