List Briefs: Adrea Rubin Creates Maternity Database

Adrea Rubin Management Inc., New York, announced the availability of the Mothers Work Parents Megabase containing 5.5 million households.

The database consists of retail point-of-purchase data from A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity, Mimi Maternity and

Aside from geography selects, the file is also selectable by households with children ages 0-1, households with children ages 1-2, ages 2-3 and ages 3+. Base price on the database is $115/M.

Adrea Rubin suggests this list for offers such as catalog, services, high-end collectibles, clothing and book/music clubs.

ClientLogic Wins Survey Responder File

ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, was named list manager of the Traffix Lifestyle Survey Responders Postal Master File.

This file contains 5 million opt-in responders and is compiled by Traffix Inc., a database marketing and management company for a proprietary affiliate database of online consumers from the firm's Web sites. The file adds 200,000 new records monthly.

The file is 60 percent female, and the base price is $65/M. Selects include geography, gender, recency, age, marital status and income. Lifestyle selects such as ailments, financial, home ownership, buying habits and pet ownership are also available.

Direct Media Debuts Tech Publishing List

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, was appointed list manager of the new-to-market Storage Magazine file of 48,900 subscribers.

Storage Magazine is a controlled-circulation publication for Internet technology professionals in charge of storage architecture and infrastructure for their firms. Selects are geography, budget, job function, operating system, purchasing role, employee size, revenue and industry.

The file is 82 percent male and has a base price of $240/M. DMI suggests it for business seminars, publications, software/hardware, newsletters and business services. Storage Magazine is published by TechTarget Security Media.

Edith Roman Offers FAO, Zany Internet Buyers

Edith Roman Associates Inc., Pearl River, NY, announced the first-time availability of Internet buyers at postal address on the FAO Schwarz and Zany Brainy files.

FAO Schwarz Internet Buyers at Postal Address contains 61,500 last-12-month buyers. The file is 64 percent female with an age range of 35-55, average household income of $75,000 and average order of $115. Base price is $130/M.

Zany Brainy Internet Buyers at Postal Address contains 35,500 last-12-month buyers. The file is 80 percent female with an age range of 35-55, average household income of $75,000 and average order of $65. Base price is $100/M.

Both files offer geography, gender and dollar selects.

Mal Dunn Introduces Hispanic Lists

Mal Dunn Associates Inc., Brewster, NY, introduced three newly available lists of Hispanic businesses and their owners and executives.

Hispanic Business Owners and Executives contains 436,000 names including about 203,000 owners, 75,000 presidents, 13,000 vice presidents and 55,000 managers/directors. The file is selectable by geography, gender, recency, function, industry, SIC, employee size, sales volume and executives per company. Base price is $140/M.

Hispanic Home Based Businesses has 229,000 small businesses including about 45,900 contractors; 15,300 transportation businesses; 13,700 finance/insurance businesses; 30,600 professionals and 72,300 service businesses. Base price is $140/M.

Hispanic Business Executives at Home Address consists of 993,000 executives. Base price is $130/M.

Selects on these files include geography, gender, recency, title, function, employee size, sales volume and industry. The Hispanic Business Executives at Home Address also offers age, presence of children, homeowner, credit card, income, donor and mail-order buyers.

Millard Starts Girls Magazine File

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, announced its management of the new-to-market Discovery Girls magazine list of 64,200 active subscribers to this publication for girls.

The magazine not only is targeted to girls but its content features girls as models, writers and creative contributors. Articles discuss topics such as school, fashion, sports, challenges and technology.

The file is selectable by geography, recency, age, paid, renewals and expires and has a base price of $95/M. Title slugging is required for all offers to this list. Millard suggests this list for family-friendly offers such as children's publishing, catalog and fundraising.

Rubin Response Offers Tech E-Mail List

Rubin Response Management Services Inc., Schaumburg, IL, took management of the Technology & Learning Opt-In E-Mail Address file of 30,300 e-mail contacts.

The list consists of qualified subscribers to this publication on educational technology. Subscribers consist of teachers as well as administrators on district and building levels.

Selections include job function/title, products specified and grade level. The file is $400/M.

Statlistics Takes Fitness Subscribers File

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, took management of the Ms. Fitness Magazine list of 40,800 active subscribers to this physical-fitness publication for women.

The file is 61 percent female with an age range of 18-49 and a unit of sale of $15.96 for four quarterly issues. It is selectable by geography, gender and telephone number and has a base price of $90/M.

Statlistics suggests this list for offers such as health, self-improvement, apparel, accessories, book/music/video continuity clubs, publishing and fundraising.

Walter Karl Presents Continuity Club List

Walter Karl, a Donnelley Marketing Company, Pearl River, NY, launched the new-to-market World's Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows file of continuity club members.

Buyers on this file purchase CDs and cassettes of radio performances from the 1930s-1950s including Jack Benney, “Gunsmoke,” Abbott and Costello, Lucille Ball, Burns and Allen and Bob Hope.

The file is 65 percent male with a median age of 50 and income of $45,000-plus. The average expenditure over the course of a membership is $150. Selects include geography, recency, dollar, gender, method of payment, number of shipments and cancels. Base price is $100/M.

Walter Karl suggests this file for continuity clubs, retirement newsletters, fundraising, subscriptions, home entertainment, credit cards, insurance, self-improvement, music, video, health/fitness, travel and gourmet food offers.

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