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Liquid Acquires CommandIQ

Ad-tech platform Liquid today announced the acquisition of predictive CRM company CommandIQ. Noah Jessop, CommandIQ’s former CEO, will join the Liquid team as head of data and evangelist for the newly minted LiquidIQ platform.

The move is a strategic one for Liquid, as its clients will be able to match, manage, and push available advertising touchpoints to the correct behavioral channel displayed by a prospect or consumer via the LiquidIQ platform. On the heels of the acquisition, clients will have the opportunity to leverage their own CRM data independently or in conjunction with Publishers Clearing House (PCH) first-party profiles to measure and optimize the customer journey and marketing media reception.

“It is our intention to not only enable reliable intent-based, first-party commerce data from PCH to advertisers and marketers,” says Liquid General Manager Steve Bagdasarian in an email, “but also to help enable a collaboration of look-a-like modeling and lifecycle marketing, led from mobile devices, to be present for marketers in activating their own first-party CRM data. To get someone of Noah’s caliber and a platform technology with the strength and depth offered by CommandIQ accelerates PCH’s ad stack immensely.”

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