Lion Nathan serves 2D wine bottle barcode platform to target millennials

Wine owner and importer Lion Nathan Wine Group has launched a 2D barcode marketing platform attached to wine bottles to engage millennials. The company partnered with Scanbuy, a mobile barcode services provider, on the initiative, launched September 1.

“Our objective is to reach a broad market of wine consumers and to use new technology as an enabler to do this,” said Steve Myers, general manager of Lion Nathan USA. “Our belief is that QR codes, and the multitude of scanners that can process QR codes already on the market, maximize our ability to reach the widest audience possible.”

Lion Nathan created the concept in-house, though the creative was executed by Macchiato Strategic Design. The Mode Project, an animation and digital content firm, managed the video component, and graphic design firm Digital Flannel created the microsite, said Myers.

“The platform, ‘Cellar Key,’ allows users to access it through the ScanLife mobile application, mainly for Smartphone users, though phones that have the application pre-installed on their handsets can access it as well,” said Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of Scanbuy.

Cellar Key will be incorporated into Lion Nathan USA’s permanent marketing approach, said Myers.

The 2D barcodes will initially appear on the neck tags of the bottles in-store. They will ultimately be incorporated onto the packaging itself, including on the backs of labels, as soon as next spring, said Myers.

“We’ll use the next three to six months to evaluate the user experience and feedback,” said Myers.

Once a consumer uses his smartphone to scan the neck tag, or downloads the application, he can read reviews of a particular wine, virtually “meet” the winemaker, take a video tour of the winery and explore food and wine pairings. Consumers can also share their experience on Facebook and Twitter.

Myers noted that the company is targeting premium wine lovers, but also Smartphone users.

“The Wine Market Council has done some research and has identified the millennial generation as the growth engine for wine consumption going forward, so 21-to-35 year-olds who represent an affluent demographic, and those interested in wine and in exploring more about wine,” he said.

Six wines will be a part of the initial roll-out, including Oregon’s Argyle Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and Vintage Brut and Australia’s St. Hallett Faith Shiraz.

Wehrs noted that data collection does not include personal information, but rather details such as geographical information.

To measure results, Myers said Lion Nathan USA will determine the number of scans and the rate of sales.

Future plans may include using the platform in the Australia, New Zealand and UK markets.

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