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Permissions to Link or Post

Permission is granted for linking to the sites or individual pages or articles within the sites. Please note that after 30 days an article moves into archive and an archive subscription is then required to view it.

To request permission for posting an article on another site, contact the Editor In Chief. Please detail the reason for the request, and specify the URL of the site where the article will be posted. The name and phone number of someone to contact for further information (if needed) should also be noted in the e-mail.

In most cases permission will be granted for posting the text only, without images. When posting an article on another site, the article can’t be truncated or altered in any way, except that type may be changed to accord with the style of the site or a pdf document. However, the relative sizes between headline/byline/body/copyright must remain proportional, and we generally request a link to the home page of the site where the article originally appeared.

Finally, the Executive Producer must be notified when and exactly where (specify the URL) an article is posted so that it can be reviewed in context. Permission for posting is granted only after this review.


Hard-copy reprints of articles appearing in DM News can be ordered from Samantha Harrison at Haymarket Media Inc.: [email protected]
646-638-6152 (p)
646-638-6114 (f)

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