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LinkedIn introduces analytics tools for branded content

As LinkedIn continues its push towards becoming the premier content consumption platform, its giving its advertisers even more incentives to become paying publishers.

AdAge reports that LinkedIn will introduce analytics to for its Sponsored Updates offering for advertisers. This means advertisers will now receive scores on how well their branded content is performing, as well as information about trending topics within global, as well as targeted audiences.

It’s not just the paid-for content that brands will get to evaluate. They will receive scores on posts to company pages, employee posts, company “Influencer” articles and branded groups. However, to avail those features, the brand already has to be a paying advertiser on LinkedIn, with an assigned LinkedIn account representative.

As for how content will be scored, well, it’s a little complicated, even if it is ultimately rewarding sharing and engagement within a target audience. here’s how AdAge describes it:

Content-marketing scores are calculated by dividing the number of LinkedIn users who’ve engaged with a brand’s content — be it an ad or a post by an employee or something else — in the past month by the target audience of users who have been active in that monthly period. The number is then multiplied by 1 million.

The move is supposed to encourage companies to spend more on the right kinds of sponsored content, and data from the analytics should presumably result in better, more engaging content.

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