LinkedIn Introduces a New Way to Search for Relevant Content from Influencers

LinkedIn’s Influencer network is basically a who’s who of the business world, with CEOs, company founders and thought leaders across every industry. While LinkedIn’s algorithm surfaces most of the content from these Influencers to the users following them, the platform is now making it easier to discover specific Influencers and their posts.

Say for example, you only wanted to see content from Influencers who had something to say about social media, or follow experts in the field of education and finance. Using the new search function, you can now filter your results by articles, so that only their posted content shows up. You can either search for a person, or a topic (for example, ‘social media tips’) to get an entire range of articles related to your topic.

While it isn’t a huge change, it’s a good way for LinkedIn to really optimize the wealth of content it has at its disposal. For the Influencers, it’s good news because their posts can stay evergreen and they can continue to build engagement around them long after they have been posted.

Here’s a slideshow on how the new search function will work:

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