LinkedIn adds targeting by language for its Company Pages

Following the footsteps of Twitter and Facebook, who now offer ad targeting of Hispanic-speaking individuals, LinkedIn’s introducing more global reach options for brands.

The professional networking platform will now let brands with Company Pages on the platform post customized updates for users who prefer a specific language. This means that Company Page followers who select Mandarin as their preferred language can be shown posts specific to them, while Arabic speakers might get another post only they can see.

In addition to targeted posts, LinkedIn will also enable Company Pages to show personalized page feeds based on the person who’s visiting them. Here’s how LinkedIn explains it:

For instance, if a company targets an update to members in France and another to members in Brazil, each group would only be presented the region specific update. This also holds true for other targeting filters including company size, industry, function, seniority, geography, and now language preference.

The goal is for businesses to build more relevant exchanges with followers in different regions, giving them a way to engage a truly global audience. However, this only really works for large enterprises with a huge global reach that can afford to coordinate social activity between regional teams.

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