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LinkedIn adds new visual features to premium member profiles

We’ve seen Twitter look more and more like Facebook with its profile page designs, and now LinkedIn is following suit.

The professional networking platform unveiled a new look today for its premium member profile pages, along with some nifty new features.

Here’s what’s different:

Bigger better visuals: In addition to larger profile pictures, premium members will have the option of adding a banner-like background image. And if they don’t have one at hand, LinkedIn has its own gallery to choose an image from. Here’s what it will look like:

Tips for optimizing your profile: LinkedIn will automatically generate tips for how to make you profile stand out, whether its image sizes, or keywords to help you write your bio more professionally.

Keywords: LinkedIn will suggest keywords that give your profile a greater chance of being discovered in a LinkedIn search.

Open Profile: In case you want everyone to find you and contact you, LinkedIn is now giving you the option to make your profile completely accessible.

Improved tracking: In addition to getting a 90-day list of who’s been viewing your profile, premium users also get the top 100 results for How You Rank against your first-degree connections and company. If you want to see how your LinkedIn profile stacks up against people in your company and industry peers, this is the tool to use.

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