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LinkedIn adds “How You’re Connected” feature for easier introductions

LinkedIn announced today that it is adding a new feature that will help users find the best path to an introduction with a desired contact.

While previously the LinkedIn platform could show you who the mutual connections were between you and a contact, the new “How You’re Connected” feature will show you how those contacts are connected. This means that if you have multiple ways to get introduced to someone, you can now pick the path that has the strongest or most recent connection.to give you a better chance of getting in touch. LinkedIn explained it with this example:

So let’s say you’re an advertising professional looking for an introduction to the CMO of a company you’d love to do business with. You might find one mutual connection attended school with her before she kick started her career but another worked with her recently on a very high-profile campaign. Chances are, the connection that worked with her recently is more likely to have a stronger, more relevant connection and therefore be the best source for an introduction.  

Here’s what the feature will look like:

LinkedIn says “How You’re Connected” will start rolling out for English users today, and that it intends on adding even more analytics in the months to come to enable better networking.

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