Lillian Vernon Appoints New List, Alternate Media Managers

Lillian Vernon Corp., Rye, NY, confirmed yesterday that it appointed ALC of New York LLC to take over management of its customer file and Direct Media Inc. to assume responsibility of its package insert program at the end of February.

The customer files include the 4.4 million-buyer Lillian Vernon Corporate Database as well as more than 329,000 Internet buyers at postal address and more than 98,000 buyers from the Lillian Vernon Favorites Catalog.

The Lillian Vernon package insert program for 2002 will consist of more than 3 million inserts according to estimates.

Lillian Vernon buyers are 90 percent female with an average age of 47 and an average household income of $62,000.

The change follows two years during which the files were managed at Millard Group Inc. Prior to February 2000, Lillian Vernon had managed the files inhouse.

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