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LG partners with 20th Century Fox for “Avatar” campaign

LG Electronics MobileComm USA has teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment for a multichannel campaign that ties a new LG phone to the new James Cameron film Avatar.

The campaign, which launched on December 3, includes a slew of digital media channels including display ads, search marketing, a microsite, social media and viral video. The creative shows the phone, which includes a detatchable movie projector, projecting the Avatar movie trailer.

“Like the film, we wanted to use technology not for the sake of technology, but really to improve the user experience, so the partnership was a very natural fit,” said Niels Aillaud, senior manager of digital marketing for LG Mobile Phones. “When you watch Avatar and when you use our phone, you forget the technology, it becomes an experience.”

Introducing the phone to US customers is a key goal of the campaign, Aillaud explained: “The campaign is to build awareness about the new product and acquire new customers.”

The campaign’s microsite features information on the phone, as well as videos of the products and the film that can be shared virally. Display ads are running across gaming, technology and movie related sites.

The campaign included a Facebook live event with director James Cameron. The event, which was held on December 3, let consumers interact with the director by submitting questions in advance through Facebook, as well as through texting during the live event. A joint-sponsored Facebook page between Fox, MTV and LG also was created for the campaign.

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