Lewis leaves StrongMail

Dave Lewis vice president of market and product strategy for e-mail marketing firm StrongMail, resigned last week. While Lewis would not disclose his next employer, he did say that he will pursue a new position at an undisclosed tech firm later this month.

Lewis, who is involved with the E-mail Experience Council and co-chairs the E-mail Sender & Provider Coalition, said that his new position remains in the marketing and technology industry but expands beyond just e-mail.

“It’s the potential that I see in this other company to really address the needs that I see growing in the market place,” said Lewis. “Even though I still think that e-mail is a killer app, I think that the new medium is clearly morphing beyond e-mail. You’re now dealing with an integration of channels like IM and RSS. Imagine when relevancy becomes about the channel, not just the content. It had game changing potential.”

Lewis is a long time advocate of e-mail best practices and a regular contributor to DM News. He said that he plans to continue his participation in the direct marketing industry in his new position.

The news came as a surprise to StrongMail, according to a representative from the company.

“After serving StrongMail with his market expertise for more than two years, Dave Lewis has decided to leave the company to pursue another opportunity,” said Bill Wagner, executive vice president of business operations at StrongMail. “StrongMail remains committed to the e-mail marketing best practices that he has championed during his tenure here, and the company wishes him well in his future endeavors.”

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