Leverage social listening with SocialCompass to reach consumers


SocialCompass is a social media-marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to run intent-based marketing campaigns on Twitter. Capabilities include the ability to find and monitor influential prospects on Twitter, engage them in conversations by offering a discount on a product or service, and reward them for referring friends to offers.
The annual license fee is $2,500, plus two package choices – $199 per month for one Twitter handle and one active campaign, or $399 per month for one Twitter handle and three active campaigns.
Each license includes marketing automation, unlimited Twitter conversations, detailed reporting, and a test account so clients can determine what works best before choosing a package. À la carte options include creative and eContent. Custom solutions are also available.
Billy Robinett, communications director for Papa John’s, has been using SocialCompass for about 16 months.
How do you use it?
You log on to your dashboard, which you can set up to be as complicated or as simple as you want.
We have more than 50 locations and our dashboard is set up for individual locations so we can track individual redemptions to see how the program is working.
You can also set it up in smaller groupings of dashboards if, for example, you wanted to give store managers and regional supervisors the ability to check redemption and control offers. We operate it more on a global scale so all stores are using the same offers.
Inside the dashboard, we can see total reach, the number conversations, and the amount of people who have responded, clicked on an offer, and redeemed an offer to get a code.
There’s a secondary feature that allows people to refer a friend. Once they refer a given number of friends, they get a secondary code, which is an even better offer, and then they send their friend the original offer. So it has the ability to go viral. 
You can easily make changes to your offers based on performance.
SocialCompass also provides blog posts for your business model. Some examples of ours include “The Perfect Occasion for Pizza,” “Outside the Box Combinations for Pizza,” and information on our dough and sauces. Some are pretty creative. A new one is posted to our local Twitter and Facebook pages every day.
I can read the upcoming two weeks of blog posts to make sure they’re on message and approve or disapprove them. Over time, these posts really help organic search relevance.
I’ve never had a problem with the platform. I’ve worked with a lot of digital companies, and SocialCompass honestly has been the best. I can call Jason Dove, VP of sales, directly and my customer service representative is always very reachable and handles inquiries immediately. When we first started using SocialCompass, Jason even answered my calls while he was on vacation. I couldn’t give them enough stars when it comes to customer interaction and communication.
How does it serve your business needs?
SocialCompass allows us to reach consumers at the right moment when we have a chance to convert them. No other marketing tool allows you to do this so specifically.
We can reach consumers precisely when they’re craving pizza, when they are ordering pizza, when they’ve just had a bad experience with a competitor, or, most importantly, when they’ve just had a bad experience with us. When people post anything that’s related on Facebook and Twitter, we can reach out to them immediately and create dialog. 
SocialCompass recently captured a tweet from a woman who said she was going out and the babysitter was on the way. So we reached out to her, suggested that she order a pizza for the kids, and gave her a promotion code. She responded that she was just about to order a pizza and that she would definitely use the promo code.
Another recent example is a gentleman who had ordered a pizza from Domino’s posted a comment saying his pizza was late. SocialCompass responded immediately, asking him to try Papa John’s next time and giving him a promotion code. 
It costs a lot of money to get a customer. The average customer orders five times a year. Losing that customer can also cause reputation problems if they post about a bad experience on social media channels. With SocialCompass, we can immediately respond and get information related to that interaction funneled back to us, so we can reach out to that customer and have a chance to fix it. 
Overall, it allows us to steal market share, retain customers, and acquire incremental orders.

What are the main benefits?
It allows us to increase incremental orders, retain customers we may have otherwise lost, and steal marketshare from competitors.
It’s so comprehensive and automatic that it is very hands off for me as communications director.
We’ve had as high as 53% redemption rates in any given month, which is amazing.
What are the main drawbacks?
I haven’t found any. It’s never going to replace broadcast media, but it’s a unique tool that allows you to reach a totally different customer in a totally different way. 
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