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Leverage interactive print methods while testing tech

Consumers are inundated with printed promotional messages every day, ranging from brochures to fliers and postcards. As a result of the heightened competition for viewer attention, it has become even more important for marketers and advertisers to set their messages apart from the pack and move beyond the saturated world of print advertising. Leveraging new technology is one way to do this.?

Marketers are taking advantage of interactive print methods to bridge the gap between traditional print and the digital world. Through technologies such as quick response (QR) codes and augmented reality, the interactive print sector is helping companies engage prospects with technology that print alone cannot accomplish. Examples include virtual experiences, video and websites. Many companies have taken advantage of this new, cost-effective medium to increase the overall effectiveness of printed advertisements and promotional marketing materials.?

As marketers explore and tap into the potential of interactive print, it’s important they use it effectively. That means it is critical to provide an immersive experience for consumers. Integrate their sight and sound senses to encourage interaction and make your campaign memorable, while still tying it back to key messages.?

When leveraging interactive print, you also need a testing process to make sure the technology works well and is user-friendly. A cumbersome or faulty experience may deter ?potential customers. Consider the audience by using interactive print strategically. Keep in mind these campaigns are most successful with those who have adopted smartphones.?

On a more basic level, but equally important, marketers must make sure printing has good coverage so QR codes and other types of interactive print appear and ?function correctly. ?

Marketers have not realized the full potential of interactive print yet. The adoption of this technique will likely increase in scope as smartphone usage increases. Companies that can effectively integrate interactive print into advertising and marketing campaigns are not only going to pioneer a new way to advertise, but will also cultivate two-way communication with their customers.

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