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Letter: Why Settle for Standard?

In the competitive world of marketing, there simply isn’t enough time or money to be “standard.” Marketing 101 demands we “think outside of the box,” “get those creative juices flowing” and show the world some “flair” (and for those of you familiar with the movie “Office Space,” I have my 17 pieces with me every single day).

So when Dunking Doughnuts opted for the more catchy Dunkin’ Donuts, and Crispy Cream followed suit with the world-renowned Krispy Kreme, we all lined up for a hot cup of joe and a melt-in-your mouth glazed treat right from the conveyor belt.

In the direct marketing industry, people demand more. Annual awards are given as reward to those who can catch our spirits and stretch our imaginations with the most creative campaigns. Creative minds spend precious hours pining over how they will win our acknowledgment with their next space ad. Colors, shapes, pictures, text — it all winds together to portray a thought, a point, a message and, hopefully, a sale.

Can it all be done by being standard? I think not. Scatter your message with flair, build a reputation for capturing your audience, think outside of the box. I choose the nonstandard approach to marketing, and to life. Next time you find yourself in a position of choice, I dare you to do the same. So while I may have been “busted” for my use of the nonstandard spelling of the word “imposter” (“Letters,” Jan. 12), at least I got your attention. For that, I say not only do they owe me my salary, but also I believe I deserve a raise!

Lisa DeRosa, Marketing communications manager, MKTG Services

[email protected]

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