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Letter: USPS Should Perform First, Then Advertise

So the U.S. Postal Service wants to get “A Leg Up” (“USPS Campaign Hopes to Get 'A Leg Up,' ” April 22)? I would respectfully suggest that continuing to advertise a premium-priced service — Priority Mail — that consistently underperforms not only its private sector competition but also the USPS' own First-Class mail is the height of folly.

The postal service should immediately stop squandering millions of dollars on advertising and concentrate on improving the products and services themselves.

We make imprinted tote bags and baby bibs. Good ones, priced right. If our bags and bibs weren't good, or if they weren't delivered on time, no amount of advertising would help. The postal service's executives have apparently not learned this simple truism.

If whatever transformation plan finally emerges from Congress does not include a section prohibiting all advertising and promotional efforts unless performance goals are regularly met, it will be a travesty.

Perform first, then advertise.

Robb Ruyle, President, Powderhorn Industries, Montrose, CO

[email protected]

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