Letter: USPS Could Make a Killing Selling Pro Cycling Gear

I was surprised to read Tad Clarke’s take on the USPS Cycling Team (“Bring It On,” July 22). Not surprised to hear that you — like some other Americans — think the team is a waste of cash, but rather that an editor of a DM publication would say the USPS should “quit wasting time and money in areas it has no business being in.”

The USPS Cycling Team is one of the world’s best, and it is by far the most famous team in our country. The team is also enjoying substantial fame because of the rapidly growing success of the cycling sport. Our great nation is filled with health-minded adults who make decisions around their house and in their businesses — exactly the type of people the USPS would want to retain as customers in an industry that has many other shipping options.

What I’m getting at is this: The USPS shouldn’t leave the cycling business. It should use the business — and the success of the team — to its advantage. Marketing, DM included, is lacking for the USPS, and it shows here (in the same Lance Armstrong ads they ran last year) as well as overseas. The USPS could stand to make a killing off of pro cycling gear if it brought some to Le Tour. Many vendors were marking up USPS Cycling Team jerseys and hats 100 percent because you couldn’t find them anywhere (maybe a good source of revenue to help pay for the team).

As direct marketing gurus, I think it is our job to find solutions to problems and use our resources to the best of our abilities. Not put down initial ideas, but instead help cultivate them into great ideas.

Joe Doyle, Associate creative director, Douglas-Danielle Inc.

[email protected]

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