LETTER: ‘Unsubscribe’ Doesn’t Work

In the July 24 editorial (//www.dmnews.com/archive/2000-07-17/9468.html), iMarketing News applauded yesmail for bringing MAPS to court. But let’s look at the other end of your one-sided spectrum. Somehow, one of my many e-mail addresses got on yesmail’s list, and I never received an e-mail to confirm not to receive its e-mail. That seems interesting to me since it claims all the e-mail addresses on its list were obtained with their “confirmed opt-in” practice.

Its unsubscribe worked so well (not) that after using it, the very next day I received more spam from them. After going through that process a couple times to no avail, I had to contact them using other means to finally get my e-mail address off its list.

The people who send unsolicited commercial spam are stealing from companies like mine. A good amount of the bandwidth my company pays for is consumed by spam. Employee work time is consumed by sifting through unwanted spam messages. My time as the network administrator is used to battle to get our e-mail addresses taken off these spam lists.

I will be implementing the RBL here to help minimize the theft from my company, and I would like to congratulate MAPS for sticking to its guns when it comes to the double opt-in method.

Erik Schubach

CIP Network Administrator

Spokane Hardware Supply

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