LETTER: Toysmart’s Example of Larger Problem

I disagree with the editorial on privacy (//www.dmnews.com/archive/2000-07-17/9333.html).

You use the Toysmart example, which is rather benign. How about another real-life example that might strike a nervous chord with even you: Your local bank sells your banking history, Social Security number, average daily balance, loan information, etc., to a “partner,” who uses this information to pull your credit report to customize an insurance product for you. Too far-fetched, you say? Wrong! We had this happen in my hometown.

Getting back to Toysmart, what if Toy-smart not only sold your Mattel buying history, but also sold your credit card number. Would you have the same cavalier attitude? The whole point of the Toysmart affair is that they expressly told people they would not sell any of their information and clearly violated that contract.

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