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Letter to the Editor: Not That Kind of List Broker

As a list broker who grew up on the list side of the direct marketing industry, I take offense to Scott Hardigree’s article about the three kinds of list brokers (DM News, July 10).

Throughout my 20-year career, I have worked for some of the finest list brokerage and management houses in this industry. At each organization, I have been taught and encouraged by my mentors and peers to recommend the best lists for my mailer’s campaign.

Professional list brokers use lots of tools, techniques and intuition to build their list recommendations. We have the ability to fine-tune our mailer’s market segment to a single cell, or to go as broad as to encompass all possibilities in a sector. This is what we do each day, and the best of us do it with finesse, speed and accuracy.

Mr. Hardigree’s article would lead an unknowing mailer to believe that because I work for a company that also provides list management services, I only recommend our list-managed properties. That is blatantly untrue and would be a severe disservice to my current and future clients.

Yes, I do include our list management clients in my recommendations when appropriate. However, the intention is for my mailer’s campaign to succeed. It is never because I have the opportunity to “double dip.”

Kathleen M. Stivaletti, Client relationship director, Lake Group Media, Rye, NY

[email protected]

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