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Letter: Selling a U.S. Educational Experience Has Unbounded Benefits

I read Bill McNutt’s article (“Education Is Leading Asian Export,” Jan. 13), and I wanted to let you know that I absolutely agree with him regarding the government “needing to take a greater hand” with selling the U.S. college and university system.

During my years at UC Berkeley and an English university, I have met and interacted with many students from Africa, Europe and Asia. As a result, I have seen and experienced students from all over the world working together in school and continuing this practice throughout their career.

I am almost certain that from a global perspective, an American education will ease most social, cultural and economic tensions. McNutt’s article was well said. Selling an American educational experience has unbounded benefits as compared to selling a tractor.

Leanne Larson, Marketing Director, Entrepreneur Magazine

[email protected]

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