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Letter: Online Ordering Database Helps Girl Scouts Process Cookie Orders

As a proud Girl Scout leader of Cadette Troop 1072 in Glen Rock, NJ, I applaud the Girl Scouts for creating the online ordering database. Last year was the first time the Bergen County, NJ, Council (comprising 70 towns in northeastern NJ) used a new online process for the annual Girl Scout Candy & Nut Sale, and it was extremely easy to navigate and substantially cut our processing time. This year we used the same process for the annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale. However, the council told me that this new system (as reported in DM News on March 13) would cut out many more steps and further streamline the process. They hope this new system will be rolled out nationally.

If you know a Girl Scout, please support their efforts and order a box of cookies. And, yes, Thin Mints are the No. 2 best-selling cookie in the nation, behind Oreos!

Lisa C. Hahn, President, Caugherty Hahn Communications Inc., Proud leader of Girl Scout Troop 1072

[email protected]

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