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Letter: Most Marketers Can’t Relate to the Senior Market

I almost skipped over Jim Warren’s article (“Understanding the Senior Market,” May 5), but as I turned the page something clicked and brought me back to read it. Jim couldn’t have described the realities of our mostly mature Amateur Radio market more precisely. Thanks to you and to Jim for once again providing that solid gold nugget of information that can make my life easier.

What had clicked was the realization that the majority of the firms marketing products and services in our field are significantly younger than their customers and probably cannot relate all that well to the needs, outlooks and attitudes of the very people they depend on for their livelihoods. Even though I’m squarely centered in our market’s demographics, looking at our Web sites immediately revealed that we are just as guilty as anyone else in our market when it comes to missing our customer’s sensitivities.

It’s all too easy for Web designers, editors, publishers, art directors and advertising agencies to work to the standards of our professional peers and lose sight of the fact that our peers are not the ones paying the bills.

Keep up the good work.

Richard A. Ross, President, CQ Communications Inc.

Hicksville, NY

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