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Letter: Many List Pioneers Deserve to Be in DMA’s Hall of Fame

Frankly, I’m puzzled. Why is there such an egregious gap in the type of businesspeople selected for the Direct Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame? I refer to the list group, those pioneers who brought us forward from the days when Addressograph plates were loaned for list rentals and returned.

Already, two keystones from the computer era have passed away: Robin Black and Stan Woodruff. Is the committee waiting for more to leave us before honoring their contributions? Let’s just take one clear-cut example of a man embarrassingly omitted: Ed Burnett. He was a pioneer and innovator in both list management and especially compilations. He was the first to make use of the SIC, and in more than 50 years of service has taught hundreds, if not thousands, of us! He belongs unequivocally. And it is only fitting that this honor be bestowed upon him personally. And there are at least a dozen more list professionals who should follow.


Dave Nussbaum, President, Direct Network Inc., North Brunswick, NJ

[email protected]

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