Letter: Hispanic Strategy Under Way

I commend you for addressing the illegal immigration issue and its potential impact on commerce in our country and industry in the May 22 issue of DM News. As a service provider to companies that have proactive Hispanic initiatives, we recognized the importance of this segment shortly after release of the 2000 census data.

In fall 2001, Carmen’s Cupones y Consejos (Carmen’s Coupons, Tips and Advice) was born. Today, Carmen’s is the leading segmented, bilingual co-op direct mail program that provides ROI for brands seeking exposure to 3 million U.S. Hispanic households in 11 states and 17 markets.

However, Carmen’s is much more than just “coupons.” “Consejos” are an equally important part of our program, and many advertisers do just that.

We didn’t see a fence to sit on. We saw an opportunity with an emerging segment and, at the time, not many options for advertisers to reach them.

Shayne Walters


Carmen’s Cupones y Consejos

[email protected]

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