LETTER: Government Should Sell USPS to Highest Bidder

The U.S. Postal Service reports having $907 million in net income year-to-date for the first three quarters — $420 million short of plan. One week later, Postmaster General William J. Henderson states “the latest revenue figures place the USPS more than $400 million short of its projection of having $100 million in net income for the year.” The USPS already has $907 million in net income. Is the USPS going to lose $800 million in the fourth quarter? What gives?

I have an idea to reduce costs and increase productivity at the USPS. The U.S. government should sell the operation to the highest bidder. The new owner must still require approval of rate increases from the Postal Rate Commission. The entire proceeds must be put toward reducing our national debt. How many billions would that be?

Not acceptable? How about this idea for extreme cost cutting and increased productivity? Return the USPS to its original concept, aka the Pony Express. All mail is delivered from the originating post office/mailbox to the final post office. Eliminate all home and office delivery. Many businesses pick up their daily mail at the local post office. Why can’t this be implemented for households? This delivery method should be mandatory for every address with exceptions for health and transportation reasons.

•Mike Serino, Orlando, FL, [email protected]

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