Letter: Gelderman’s One of the Best Brokers a Consumer Marketer Could Find

I have worked with Harriet Schopfer-Gelderman of Gelderman Group for more than 15 years. Her work ethic and pride for our industry is unmatched by most in our industry. She is one of the best brokers any consumer marketer could ever find. She has always been a worthy competitor and remains one today. Her company has not merged, filed for bankruptcy, renamed or liquidated.

To imply this could potentially damage both Harriet and her firm. I feel a retraction is more than in order from Mr. Avrick. Harriet and Gelderman Group deserve a lot more than a retraction — but at this juncture this would seem the most appropriate course of action.

As one of the owners of Millard Group, I would hate to think that our list owners would, as a result of this article, react any differently to receiving orders from Gelderman Group tomorrow than they did before this inaccurate and harmful article.

I know I won’t be dealing with Harriet any differently tomorrow. I strongly urge Avrick to do more research before publishing such potentially harmful articles in the future.

-Linda McAleer, Executive Vice President, Millard Group Inc.

[email protected]

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