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LETTER: Election Telemarketing Was a Waste of Time, Money

Regarding Tad Clarke’s editorial about election telemarketing (http://www.dmnews.com/articles/2000-11-13/11530.html) It gives me great pleasure to know that these calls were a waste of money for the politicians who used them.

I found those calls to be intrusive and relentless. The automatic calls were a pain in the butt when I was working, and the live ones were just incredibly rude. People reading scripts who barely had reading skills. Calls from unions telling me how to vote. People asking me whom I was planning on voting for! Who wrote these awful scripts? May they never be hired again.

And get this — neither of my phone numbers are listed, so they bought these phone numbers from companies like my bank, which I requested not to sell my phone number. What a scam they run!

I have no doubts that the very politicians who used — and abused — telemarketing during the weeks before the election will be the same politicians who regulate against using telemarketing and other direct marketing tools when their constituents get fed up with the intrusion.

To all you companies who abuse telemarketing like this: You will be the ones who cause more stringent regulation for all of us and ultimately will lead to your own demise.

• Carol Worthington Levy

Creative Director

Worthington Levy Creative

San Jose, CA

[email protected]

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