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Letter: Dale Steiger: A Gentleman’s Gentleman

Too often in our industry (and elsewhere) we are quick to honorably recognize and acknowledge the achievements of those who have passed on, both in terms of their work and the personal effect they may have had on others. As well-intentioned as this is, it is unfortunate that we do not make a greater effort to express these sentiments while that person is still with us.

I would like to attempt to rectify that by recognizing a titan in our industry, Dale Steiger. Dale’s expertise and experience in the publishing industry spans six decades, and the well of his knowledge runs deeper than he would ever give himself credit for.

But anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Dale knows that not only has he always been quick to share his wisdom, but his manner is always one that suggests that you are doing him a favor by asking his advice. His warm demeanor, his wit and his unbound selflessness touch everyone who is lucky enough to know him. He is truly a gentleman’s gentleman, and though Parkinson’s disease has attempted to slow him down the past few years he has remained as sharp, and accessible, as ever.

Unfortunately, Dale has recently become ill, and though I risk embarrassing him by speaking of him in these terms, I feel it is important that he knows what a difference he has made, not only in our industry (which is almost of little importance in the grand scheme of things), but in the lives of all he touched.

Get well, old friend, you have too much left to teach us.

Dean Lage, Vice president of circulation, Montcalm Publishing Corp.

New York

[email protected]

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