Letter: Bly’s 3C’s Resonate

I read Robert Bly’s piece in the May 15 DM News (“DM Woes: Creativity, Clutter, Credibility”) and it was very interesting.

Our company is the leading lenticular imaging manufacturer in North America, and interestingly enough, over the past 2 1/2 to three years, we have experienced a dramatic shift and response to our technology for direct marketing campaigns, and it directly relates to what you have written. If you’re not familiar with “lenticular,” I invite you to our Web site, www.extremevision.com.

Two or three years ago, marketers, brand managers and advertising agencies thought our technology was gimmicky, or just that one-time-use scenario – you know, the leftover budgets thrown our way. But what has shifted is just what you’re saying in your piece – creativity, clutter and credibility. We call them the three C’s, and they have changed the perception of our lenticular imaging technology.

The three C’s you mentioned are part of our clients’ way of thinking. I found what you wrote to be right on target.

Bill Benedict

Sales and marketing manager

National Graphics Inc.

Brookfield, WI

[email protected]

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