Letter: AT&T Unit Says It Has Extensive IT, Database Development Experience

We read with interest Scott Hovanyetz’s story (“AT&T Selected to Build FTC’s No-Call List,” March 3) on the fact that the Federal Trade Commission awarded AT&T Government Solutions the contract to develop and implement its do-not-call registry. And, although it’s understandable some in the industry are surprised we won, the comment by one of those you quoted deserves a rebuttal.

One person asserted that AT&T Government Solutions appeared to lack the experience in database management compared with vendors who’ve worked on DNC lists at the state level. While it is true we have not implemented a state DNC system, AT&T Government Solutions has extensive IT and database development experience on government programs.

Our staff includes more than 2,500 scientists, engineers and analysts dedicated to government IT professional service projects, many of which involve developing large, mission-critical databases. It’s a core skill of ours and obviously one of the reasons we were chosen for the FTC job against stiff competition.

Some may mistakenly think of AT&T Government Solutions as just a telecom supplier, but for our government customers who rely on us for enterprise architecture development, database management, Web-portal development, software development and scores of other critical IT tasks, we’re anything but just the phone company. We’re a long-standing, trusted supplier of integrated IT solutions.

Don Teague, Vice president, federal sales, AT&T Government Solutions,Vienna, VA

[email protected]

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