Let your employees tell your company’s story to grow your brand

Companies establish their brand equity through their benefits, attributes and character. As executives bring their brands to life, they should invest in the people who know it best: their employees. Who better to tell a brand’s story than those people who are most passionate about a brand.

When we launched our RedPlum consumer brand in 2008, our employees became our brand ambassadors. We view them as an integral part of our efforts to raise awareness, create excitement and, ultimately, grow the brand. 

To build your brand from the inside out, enlist strategies that engage your employees, inspire action, and extend your brand’s reach. Viral campaigns are one tactic to achieving these objectives. Whether your message is spread by word of mouth or social media interaction by your employees, who give your brand their seal of approval, their endorsement brings with it a sense of trustworthiness. Arm your employees with e-mails promoting your brand that can easily be forwarded.

Create an “inner circle” within your employee base by sharing upcoming campaigns and insights, as well as seeking their ideas. Look to your employees as “experts” and provide them with “inside information.” This emphasizes the importance of their roles in your brand-building efforts, which isn’t solely owned by your marketing or branding teams. Your employees can help establish your brand presence on social media sites and raise your brand’s visibility through grassroots campaigns.

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