Lescoja debuts e-commerce site MatteForMen.com

Lescoja, a men’s skin-care company, launched an e-commerce site on December 7. The site, created in time for the holiday shopping season, has interactive elements and a CRM back-end built in, so that Lescoja can create customer profiles and remarket based on them. It was designed by Omnicom agency Unit 7.

“Guys are really lazy when it comes to skincare. The idea is to educate men that there are products out there,” said Lee Jacobs, president of Lescoja. “The new site is part of a comprehensive plan to elevate the brand and position it as the destination for men’s skincare.”

To promote the site launch, Lescoja is using banner ads and search marketing. The banner ads are running across sites frequented by men, including ESPN and Slybaldguys.com. The banners use different taglines, including, “So good for your skin, dermatologists use it in their homes.”

“We wanted to create a new e-commerce platform for him, to become a destination for a men’s grooming solutions,” added Rupert Huelsey, chief digital officer at Unit 7.

The primary goal of the banner ads is to acquire new customers.

“We have about an 80% chance to retain a customer once they try a product, but our challenge is how do we reach new male customers,” said Jacobs.

The site also features the Matte for Men Hand Crafted Natural Cleansing Bar, an organic oatmeal face soap.

Lescoja plans to work with Unit 7 on further interactive features for the site next year.

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