Leo Burnett Relaunches Digital Garage as Chemistri

Leo Burnett USA and Capps Digital have relaunched Digital Garage as chemistri, the first serious marketing push for the 6-year-old agency that works across all digital platforms.

A service unit of Capps Digital — which itself has been a limited partner of Leo Burnett, Chicago, for the past nine years — the former Digital Garage works with more than 30 clients, many of them big-brand manufacturers, on marketing programs across digital platforms. It shares nearly two-thirds of those clients with Burnett.

“Digital Garage a few years ago was a strong brand, but now everything is digital,” said Chris Miller, former director at Capps Digital and now co-CEO of chemistri, Chicago. “So, for us, the name 'chemistri' really evokes the chemistry between the agency and the consumer and also, ultimately, our clients and our partners and how we work together.”

Kurt Karlenzig, director of strategic planning at Capps Digital, shares the co-CEO title with Miller.

Chemistri offers clients a swath of technical, creative and strategic services, including Web site creation and design and online branding campaigns. By virtue of its association with Burnett, chemistri is part of Bcom3 Group, Chicago, one of the leading ad conglomerates worldwide. Burnett is wholly owned by Bcom3.

The agency works with Burnett on accounts such as H.J. Heinz Co., Kellogg Co. and Procter & Gamble Co. Chemistri has participated in pitches that won Burnett clients such as Polaroid Corp., Showtime and the U.S. Army.

In a recent joint effort, chemistri assisted Burnett with Kellogg's EET and ERN brand loyalty program. Seeking to promote its cereal products, Kellogg, Battle Creek, MI, launched this program where consumers can earn points that can be redeemed for toys, sporting goods and school supplies. Since the program's debut in May, nearly 500,000 Kellogg consumers have registered on the site at www.EETandERN.com, amounting to an average of nearly 4,000 registrations per day.

Heinz is another client for which Burnett and chemistri have partnered. Chemistri targeted teens with a viral e-mail campaign for the food products marketer at www.splirt.com. More than 50,000 splirt e-mails were dispatched in two months. The result was more than 100,000 visitors to the site, chemistri said.

The chemistri name itself was invented after Digital Garage no longer proved distinctive enough in an era where all platforms, including the Internet, are digital in nature. Moreover, the Digital Garage domain name was in use by another company. The sites at www.chemistri.com and www.chemistri.net are owned by chemistri, Miller said.

“Chemistri is a mixing of elements,” Miller said, “which is what the interactive medium is really made up of.”

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