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Lenovo Unifies Its Global Online Presence

As its name suggests, personal computing had better be just that. So global tech giant Lenovo is creating an online shopping experience that addresses the unique needs of distinct customer groups. The company launched its One Web initiative to personalize its website and online customer experience according to customer type, while keeping its brand image globally consistent.

Direct Marketing News spoke with Rick Medeiros, Lenovo’s executive director of B2C & B2B global online user experience, who will be keynoting at the upcoming Marketing&Tech Partnership Summit, about its One Web initiative—the success of which was due in large part to close collaboration between the company’s marketers and technologists.

High expectations

Lenovo sells high-end technology, so its customers have high expectations when it comes to its website and the experience they have there. To match those expectations, Medeiros and his team made improvements based on the buying behaviors of more than 4,000 users. By understanding the needs and habits of customer types, Lenovo was able to design the site with specific users in mind. So Lenovo conducted a benchmark assessment of consumers’ buying habits. This was an opportunity for Medeiros to get a glimpse into customer behavior at the earliest stages of the purchase process, such as where customers began researching PC purchases and what sources of information were most influential. This data allowed Lenovo to tailor its site to aide customers’ decision making when researching and buying on Lenovo.com.

As essential partnership

Using that feedback to make fundamental changes to the site required close collaboration between the marketing and technology teams. The key to that successful collaboration: ensuring that the tech department was deeply involved from the start. “It was critical that the technologists were consistently involved throughout the entire project and that they bought into why the changes were being made,” Medeiros says. “Once we had the user insights, the only issues remaining were how to technically accomplish the changes.”

Continuous communication between the two camps and strong project management to prioritize tasks was critical to ensuring smooth implementation and rapid response to any problems that arose. As the site went into beta testing, the relationship continued, with each team maintaining its eye on the goal as data began streaming in. Tweaks to the design continued, along with testing to validate them. Months later, as One Web rolls out across the world, the project’s success lies with the joint commitment from marketing and technology to deliver a customer-focused online experience that’s both globally consistent and personally relevant.

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