Leerom Segal, Klick Health: DMN 2014 40 Under 40 Award winner

Leerom Segal
Cofounder and CEO, Klick Health

Winning ways: While most 12-year-old boys were playing ball or hanging around an arcade, Leerom Segal was running his first business writing code. Segal would later cofound Klick Health at age 18 with mentor Peter Cordy. Segal’s ambition and marketing savvy has helped Klick grow at least 30% every year for the past 17 years. Under his leadership, Klick launched Digital Clinical Trial Recruiting campaigns, which have helped its clients experience a more than 130% lift in clinical trial registrations.

Defining moment: “Meeting Peter Cordy when I was 13. I managed to convince him to give us a shot at solving a problem with his source code and we did.”

Words to live by: “Today’s problems cannot be solved with the same thinking that created them.” –Albert Einstein.

Head swivel: “Look at everything that’s happening in the consumer Web. Organizations that win are disrupting marketing and are doing things better than everyone else. The mental model we use is similar to what these tech companies have used to transform the way people interact with them.”

Good advice: “Be fearless and surround yourself with people that are incredibly more experienced and can complement your skill-set.”

First job: “I started my first company when I was 12, but I also did a lot of stuff like lawn mowing and shoveling before that. My first ‘real’ job was with [Klick Health cofounder] Peter [Cordy].”

Favorite book: The Practice of Management by Peter F. Drucker

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