Lead Generation in 2015

Already, marketers are looking to or have started developing lead-generation strategies for 2015. The team at Blue Fountain Media, a Web design and online marketing firm, weighed in on how to craft the most effective lead-gen plans for next year—and beyond. In particular, the speakers homed in on three areas: strategy, content, and of course, potential customers. Here are a few of the more poignant, pithy bits of advice from the summit, held at the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel in New York.

Strategy: having the right plan
“Part of a good conversion strategy is to respect that those at the top of the funnel might not want to be contacted or engaged [by marketers] right away. Let them browse before you contact them.” —Christina Shaw, CMO

“[Customer] wants, usability, viewability, engagement, and authority. That’s the formula for great SEO.” —John Marcinuk, director of SEO

Content: crafting the right story
“Marketers [and consumers] are moving toward engaging content with rich media. Use sight, sound, and motion.” —Ashley Kemper, senior marketing strategist

“Most people think of marketing automation as an assembly line. But it’s the ability to have a one-to-one conversation with customers at scale. Marketing automation is really marketing personalization.” —Joe DiNardo, director of paid & social media

“Personalization allows marketers to show context that’s relevant at the right time—and that changes content in real time.” —DiNardo

Customers: choosing the right audience
“Marketers need to layer their information—demographics, behaviors, and [popular] content. That’s when you find your customers.” —Jon-Michael Durkin, agency development manager, Google

“To identify your best potential customers, go beyond demographics. Use pain points, influencers, touchpoints, and even potential barriers.” —Shaw

“[Potential customers] use social as a sort-of midpoint in the funnel. They use it to gather more information or gain awareness before deciding whether to buy. It’s an important mid-step.” —Kemper

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