Layla Grayce, City Sports incorporate Offerpop Twitter-measurement program

Social media marketing software provider Offerpop launched a Twitter measurement platform June 24 for brands to gauge their success on the social site. Eight retailers are using the service, including athletic apparel company City Sports, bookseller Dymocks and high-end home furnishings company Layla Grayce.

Offerpop will launch the tool for Facebook in July. The company has tested it in private beta since January with more than 20 clients.  

Wendy Estes, co-owner and president of Layla Grayce, said her company partnered with Offerpop in mid-May to grow its follower base on Twitter and Facebook, and to increase sales. She said that while Layla Grayce is active on both platforms, “This is really the first automated program that we have implemented to assist us with our growth.” 

Layla Grayce launched a campaign to build followers on Twitter and Facebook three weeks ago and accrued 250 fans. The retailer also implemented a program earlier this week to allow its followers to shorten, share and track links.

“So any link we post, we can literally go in and get a report on how many times that link has been clicked and where it’s coming from — which helps us tremendously,” she said.

Allen Bonde, co-founder and CMO of Offerpop, said the company was founded to help brands increase their scale on social networks. He said he found better tools for e-mail marketing than for Twitter and Facebook.   

Offerpop has created four applications for Twitter, which enable marketers to send a welcome message or special offer; direct views to landing pages; and share exclusive offers.

Bonde said the tools’ reporting capabilities measure reach, virality, clicks, new fans and followers, as well as who are the most influential participants.

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