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Law firm Collins & Lacy seeks to build on statewide expansion with ‘marketing passion’


Company: Collins & Lacy

Team size: 72 employees; 3 marketing department employees  

What’s new: “Marketing Passion” project

South Carolina-based business law firm Collins & Lacy went from a boutique firm to having a statewide presence. The key to this expansion was management’s decision to invest in a marketing department, which had previously left communications to its attorneys.

The three-person marketing department created an external campaign (as well as two internal campaigns) to build and expand the brand. Director of marketing & communications Stefanie Caraviello and her two direct reports — public relations coordinator Kitty Weiland and communications coordinator Alyssa Hasell — redesigned the practice’s ad campaign and pushed to get the brand into 137 different print sources, 24 television segments and 32 radio interviews. 

The marketing department has a new goal as it seeks to build on this success, for which it was honored by the International Association of Business Communicators in November. Called “Marketing Passion,” the marketing department is asking each of the firm’s 28 attorneys to identify a single marketing goal about which they can be passionate. 

“It’s one goal [for each attorney], but it helps us stay foc-used on marketing,” Caraviello said. “It’s about seeing the big picture, and bringing that back.”

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