LATV runs mobile contest to increase viewership

Los Angeles-based Spanish-language television network LATV is conducting a contest, “Encuentra el Tesorito,” with a mobile component to increase its viewership. The network is running the initiative on its radio station, KJLA-57, through September 17. The effort was created in-house.

“Encuentra el Tesorito,” “Look for the Treasure” in English, includes more than 1,000 radio spots across several Los Angeles-based stations, including KLVE, KSCA and KLYY.

The network is encouraging consumers, who can listen for keyword announcements, to text responses to the number 97243. The winner, to be announced September 19, will receive $10,000.

“LATV has always been at the forefront of mobile as a tool to engage our audience and monetize the results,” said Jasmine Mejia, manager of marketing and artist relations at LATV, who noted that the network has used mobile marketing since 2007.

The network’s primary target demographic is US-born Latinos. The network added nine television shows to its lineup on August 16.

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