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Lattice Engines Drives Predictive Analytics to Sales Teams

Lattice Engines has made an addition to its application suite that brings the high-octane power of predictive analytics to sales organizations.

Lattice Account Prioritization enables sales management and reps to use predictive scoring and intent-based buying signals to help home in on likely buyers in their outbound calling efforts. What separates this machine learning infused mechanism from typical lead-scoring, the company says, is that it ably scores dormant accounts and purchased lists and tunes salespeople into hot prospects they have not yet engaged with.

“Using intent, fit, and behavior data, users gain access to the best predictions about which prospects will turn into customers and what attributes make for an ideal prospect,” says Lattice Engines Shashi Upadhyay.

A Buyer Insights for Sales CRM plug-in enables sales teams to prioritize and add intelligence to their outbound efforts. Lattice Account Prioritization calls on billions of rows of intent and company profile data to identify buying signals.

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