LasikPlus taps Quigley-Simpson as AOR

LasikPlus Vision Center, a provider of laser eye surgery, has named Quigley-Simpson as its agency of record after a six-month trial period. 

Quigley-Simpson will work with LasikPlus on its brand strategy, online presence and multichannel direct response campaign. In six months, Quigley-Simpson has developed a brand style guide, new Web site, photography library and brand DRTV and print campaigns for LasikPlus. The agency also created a new tagline for LasikPlus: “Trust the Plus.”

Quigley-Simpson helped LasikPlus discover its differentiating factors and articulate them in key communication vehicles, including online, TV and print,” said Laura Kendall, director of marketing and e-business for LasikPlus. “It was also instrumental in redesigning and redefining our latest online presence.”

The LasikPlus site redesign was a major project for Quigley-Simpson. The agency created the navigation and copy on the site, which features multiple calls to action on the homepage, including a link to schedule free Lasik evaluations.

Quigley-Simpson was appropriate for LasikPlus because we’ve distinguished ourselves as an agency that really understands branding and the response mechanism and combine them into brand response,” said Gerald Bagg, CEO, Quigley-Simpson. “LasikPlus wanted to distinguish itself from its competition by becoming more than just a commodity. When you think of laser eye surgery, you don’t think of a specific brand name, and LasikPlus wanted to turn its name into something meaningful.”

LasikPlus had been using direct marketing techniques for a while, but past messages were more focused on pricing than on brand. Through qualitative consumer research, Quigley Simpson and LasikPlus determined that trust was the most important attribute for the brand and incorporated the word “trust” into the tagline and branding efforts. 

“The economy right now is going through a downturn, and laser eye surgery is a luxury item that people can postpone,” Bagg pointed out. “The campaign brands LasikPlus as a laser eye surgery company that people can trust, so once people have the discretionary income [for the surgery] they will think of LasikPlus first.”

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